12 July 2010


Although the painting project is going really well, I have no pictures.  Yet.

I have lists instead.

Things I HAD TO HAVE When I Bought My House
Lots of large windows
"interesting" "architecture" - funky doors and windows, nifty angles, etc.
a good-sized yard
high ceilings
lots of space between my house and my neighbors'
a dishwasher
a large master bedroom/suite
NO homeowners association! 
a fireplace

Of Those, I Did Not Get
a good-sized yard.  I got a postage stamp.  Which I thought I would be fine with, but I'm not.
lots of space between houses.  NEVER. AGAIN.
no homeowners association:  instead, I HAVE ONE.  And they're FUCKERS.

And Here's the Stuff I Don't Care About Anymore
a dishwasher:  I wash my dishes by hand, yo.  Dishwasher = takes up what could be more storage space

Stuff I Wish I'd Thought of Then
the quality of the appliances that the house came with
kitchen layout
location - the next time I want to be "out in the country", I need to move to the countrynot NEAR it.
more rooms than just the ones I needed, because nowadays? I want an art studio. And a dedicated
   Music Room, and a mudroom/large laundry room, and and and and and. 
That the fireplace I wanted?  Be situated in the room where it lives in a way that makes SOME sense.
Rooms/floorplans that allow for versatility of furniture arrangement.  Having spent six years thus far trying
   to place a fucking couch, I'm pretty sure this was an important factor that I apparently overlooked.
The electrical box in the front yard:  I thought, "Oh, who cares, I'll just plant some crap around it and it'll
   be fine."  It's NOT.  *^&!@#!$ electrical box! 

(But hey - it's my first house.  Like I knew what I was doing!  Actually, I did my homework - and I came out better off than most first-time homeowners, in most respects).

What I Wish I Was Doing Right Now
ANYTHING else but sitting in this stupid office.  *repeatedly bashing head against wall*


  1. I have exactly the same living room vis a vis fireplace that you have and yah, had I known! I think my great room is somewhat larger than yours, but still the only arrangement that has consistently worked is the couch on the long wall between the two sets of windows (we have a bay window where yours is straight), with the TV between the door and the fireplace. But...if I had my druthers, I'd rip that stupid FP out and put either a regular corner there, or make the entire back wall a solid window/french door combination. But druthers usually take way more money than I have. ;)

  2. *takes hammer to ur website* I don't get anyone's comments but my own. *cries*

  3. There isn't anyone else posting comments but you, dear. Well...I got one comment from another person a few weeks ago.

    But look! I've figured out how to answer you, so that's something!



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