26 July 2010

Surprise Sofa Slipcover!

A few weeks ago, this friend I keep mentioning that I keep swapping household items with, hehe - gave me several curtain panels she didn't need anymore.  Five Ikea Ritva panels - and I had 3/4 of a panel leftover from having made a pair of pants out of them last year.  They're 100% cotton, linen-weave, chocolate-brown.

I'd been thinking about working them into some sort of roller shade for the living room windows, but I wasn't terribly excited about the idea.  This weekend I realized there was exactly enough fabric there to make the slipcover for my sofa!  I'd been planning to use a microfiber, because I like the fuzziness, but the original idea was to use the Ritvas, for the soft, casual, slightly worn and wrinkled linen-y look.

Basically, I've had a free sofa cover for like three weeks and hadn't realized it.  DERP. 

I spent yesterday preparing the fabric.  I picked out all the stitching on the hems and rod pockets, washed all the panels to pre-shrink them, and ironed those bitches for TWO HOURS.  Good GOD I hate ironing.  But at least my day ended with a trip to the fabric store for welting cord, and a berry smoothie along the way, since I had a coupon.  Mmm, smoothies.

So the fabric's all ready to go, now - if I'm not completely exhausted after work tonight, I'll start on the base unit cover when I get home.  One of the panels is faded in some spots from the sun, but I can use that one on the seat of the sofa underneath the cushions where it won't show - or I could use that one to make all the welting I'll need for the edges. We'll see how it works out.  In any case, I'll probably need to hit Ikea on payday to get one more pair of brown Ritvas; but we'll see how much is left over after the base unit is covered.

Whee!  Thank you, Couch Fabric Fairy!  :)

P.S. - speaking of stuff I wanted that I realized I already had?   The bench I was thinking about purchasing/building to use as a window seat in the dining room?  Was in my garage - the farmhouse-style dining room table that currently lives in my sewing room as a cutting table has two long benches that go with it, that I'd completely forgotten about.  I ran out to the garage all excited about them the other day...only to be stymied by the legs, which were missing.  Like, completely missing - there are no legs, there haven't been for years, according to my boyfriend (his father built the set).   Guess I'll have to make some.  :)



  1. Laura, thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE yours!!! love the mantle makeover and the ikea hacking!! I'm signing up to follow. :)


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