20 July 2010

Wildebeests: Small Dresser/Aquarium Cabinet

Remember Steve the newt?  And the smaller tank she got last weekend, that needed a home?  This is why:

I know, right?  UGH.   This is the small dresser I'd planned to move it onto: 

Problem was, it was really banged up, and not in a good way;  the knobs it had when it came to me looked just awful on the piece, so I replaced them with these equally-crappy but less offensive little spiral ones, just for the time being;  and there's no way the top would support the weight of even a small aquarium - it's just 1/8" plywood glued across the frame.  Also, the feet - ew.  Plus nobody was using it as a dresser!  It was just sitting in the bedroom, being in the way.

That said, I love this piece, and I have since the moment I laid eyes on it; and I really wanted it out in the living room where I could look at it more often.  So Sunday morning I de-glossed the finish, buffed out the scratches, and dry-brushed over it with black paint lightly so that some of the warm brown color would pop through in the light.  I cut a new top from a 1/2" solid wood table leaf that I had in the garage, and finished it to match - the perfect size to just lay over the top of the piece, so that if I ever decide to use it for something else, I can lift it off, no harm no foul.  Pop on some new knobs, and voila:

Yeesh, blurry.  Sorry.

I love how freaking SHINY it is now.  Wow!  Here it is in action: 

I know, I know, the tank still looks like crap - I'm in the process of spiffing it up.  At present all I've done is dump Steve and some of her stuff into it.  Plus the water's all shaken up in these photos, from me moving the tank around, which is why it looks so dark and dirty.  I promise it's not.

But, hey, look!  Something shiny: 

Oooooh, ahhhhh.  I dunno when this glass-knob-kick I'm on will be over, but today is apparently not that day.  These puppies were only $2 each, too!  I always grab a handful when Hobby Lobby puts their decorative hardware on for half off.   Because I am Bargain Hunter D

And because I love little secret color surprises, I painted the inside of the drawers...

...PINK?!?  I swear it was red in the can!  No no no no no no no...

Theeeeere we go.  Wrong can. Woops!  And today I wish I'd painted them turquoise.  *shrug*   Whatever color they are, they made a HUGE difference in my kitchen, believe it or not.  
Until this happened, all the aquarium supplies had been in a couple of my kitchen cabinets and drawers.  I put what I needed into this unit; and took the opportunity to throw out the stuff I didn't need anymore and wouldn't re-use;  so I gained a pretty piece of furniture for the living room, a nice stand for Steve, an empty kitchen drawer and TWO emptied kitchen cabinets!  Sweet. 

A little hand-carved and -painted box from Bali that a friend recently gave to me. 
It smells like herbs. :)


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  1. Great job refinishing...again. :) Lucky Stevie.


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