16 July 2010

Newts & Weekend Plans

I've hardly done anything at all this week! Woe!  Stupid shoulder.  It's healed now, has been for a couple of days, but I didn't want to push it.  Which turns out to have been a good idea, considering that it got mad at me for trying to pick up a tub of cat litter with my left hand yesterday at Target. 

But the weekend brings us more stuff to do.  If all goes well, I'll get the rest of the kitchen painted, and the dining room and entry hall, and have lots of nifty pictures for you. 

I may or may not refinish a small, 2-d dresser from my bedroom this weekend, too.  That sounds like more than it is - all I have to do is clean the surface and paint it, and add a slab of wood to the top so it'll support weight.

See, I keep newts.  They're awesome.  But I lost three of them this Spring - two were very old, and one had a serious infection that was getting better, but took a sudden turn for the worse and killed her before I could do anything about it. 

Steve, my one remaining nooticle, got her own tank last night - I spent about two hours tearing down the old ones and setting up a newer, nicer, but smaller, tank for Steve.  Hence the mini-dresser and reinforced top:  a tank full of water weighs quite a bit! 

So, more on that next week.

Romeo & Lita,  1997-2010
Oregon Newts (Taricha granulosa)

Margaret, 2003-2010
a Chinese Warty Newt (Paramesotriton chinensis)

an Algerian Ribbed Newt (Pleurodeles nebulosus)
...who I thought was a boy until she started laying eggs, lol. 
Hence the name. 


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