09 July 2010

Paint! Presents!

Not a lot to report, other than:

  • The new paint color?  Is FREAKING AWESOME.  It couldn't be more perfect. 
  • The pot rack project is on hold, while my drill is out helping a friend of mine to hang a tapestry in her new apartment. 
  • Said friend and I had a bit of a swap last night:  I brought her a level and an extension cord, and a pack of curtain rings for that tapestry; and she gave me a set of chocolate-brown linen-weave curtain panels (Ikea's Ritva), and a gorgeous little brass statue of Kali and Shiva.  Wow!  <3 
So, more painting this weekend.  And pictures, as soon as I have enough of the room put back together to show you what the the finished product will look like - which includes an exciting new Window Thing that I haven't talked about yet that I'm dying to (a) get done! and (b) post about.  :)


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