08 July 2010

Pardon Our Dust...

What was I thinking, when I thought I was going to build a whole shelf in one evening?  I swear.  Glue has to DRY, hello! 

So I built half of the pot rack last night.  I'll finish it tonight, and then get started painting.

I have learned something about myself, though:  I hate putting joints together with dowels.  I always try to incorporate a new method or technique when I build something, in order to learn new things and broaden my experience - really, I'm still pretty much a novice carpenter, so I like to stretch my carpentry muscles as often as I can.

So, I'd never joined an entire piece with dowels - I used some when I built my bed, but for the pot rack, the entire piece is going together this way.  No screws, no nails.  Just wood and glue.

In the plus column:
  • no visible hardware
  • smooth seams/joints
  • very sturdy end product, if you do it right
But then...
  • this is totally a pain in the ass!  ARGH. 
  • I have arthritis, and a very heavy drill.  So....OW!!!
I like my big heavy drill, though.  It was a gift from my ex-father-in-law a few years back - it was his favorite drill, and he liked it so much that he got one for me for my birthday that year.  (Anything with the Dad Seal of Approval is okay in my book!)  It's heavy, but it's also powerful and fast.  Mwahaha.  *flex* 

But I do wish, half the time, that either (a) it was lighter or (b) I had still a cordless to use for things that don't require the power of my big drill.  I  had a cordless once - two, actually.  But as always happens, the charger broke, and by the time I needed a new one, they didn't make that style anymore, and it wouldn't fit the universal chargers they sell, so I had to buy a whole new drill.  For some reason, this happens all the time with Black & Decker, but I've never had that problem with any other manufacturer's cordless tools.  So guess what I won't be buying, ever again!  o_ô

ANYWAY.  Half a pot rack: done.  More news as the situation develops; stay tuned.  I have to say, I'm enjoying working in my shop again.  I haven't done it in forever.  Mostly because my garage has been so messy I couldn't even go into it without wanting to run back into the house to hide.  Clean shop = awesome.

P.S. - drill or no drill, you know what I need to break down and buy for myself?  BAR CLAMPS!   I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I use nylon towing straps and weights to block joints together while they set up.  And last night?  I couldn't find my straps anywhere.  I ended up resorting to...wait for it...tape.  *facepalm*  


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  1. These are amazing little gizmos when working with dowels.


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