02 May 2011

AHA!!!! (Craft Room Closet B&A!)

It took six hours, and it like to killed me by the time I was done last night, but I have FINALLY fixed up the craft room closet!  What was wrong with it, you ask?  This...



1.  I mean REALLY. 
2.  I am so. over. the green.


See the "panels" on the wall back there?  Once upon a time, this closet was a little computer desk nook, and those cleats were part of the support system for the desk top.  When I turned it back into a closet, I left the cleats on the wall thinking maybe, just maybe I'd end up putting another desktop in there...


the same blue from the bedroom and laundry room

Et voila!  The desktop returns, and can be used for storage or as a small work surface on occasion (when the closet was a computer nook, I really liked being able to do small crafty things in there, too). 

The top shelf is the same one from the "before" picture;  the middle two are adjustable, thanks to the rails and brackets.  The narrow space between the top shelf and the first of the adjustable shelves is intentional:  I have so much flat art stuff - canvases, giant sketchbooks, rolls of paper, trays of supplies - that I always ended up piling it on my sewing table (gah!!) or putting it on a shelf and then stacking stuff on top of my artwork because of all the wasted space on the shelf (gah!!!!)  Now I have a dedicated art-stuff-shelf which is exactly the right shape and size.  I am SO excited about this.

Now all I have to do is take all the stuff from here: 

And put it here:

Ah, if only it were that easy. 

To be honest, though, I'm not crazy about the blue doors:

The green's gone, which is awesome.  But the blue is ...wrong...for where I'm planning to go with the room (which is a completely different place than I was thinking of last year, so if you remember that post, please shake your brain's Etch-A-Sketch and erase it). 

Anyhoo, I think I'd rather leave the blue closet as a surprise, and paint the doors white again, like they were before the green thing happened.   They could probably use, like, knobs, too.  Or...bifold doors? Or...*gasp*....curtains??  Hm...


FREAKING TADA!!!   I did something, yay. 



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