10 November 2011

Month In Review

October In Review   (10 days late, lol)

Hung a room-divider sheer curtain between the living room and office
Gave all my big houseplants a much-needed and long-overdue bath outdoors
Got some more work done on The Aquarium Stand That Wouldn't Die
Went to Ikea
Finished the second of two couch covers I made for a friend
Found a coffee table on bulk trash day with awesome feet, which I refinished and put on my couch
Re-covered a desk chair I got from Ikea, for my sewing room
Hung the third shelf in the craft room (one shelf at a time? really? I swear)
Cleaned out and painted the guest bathroom.

I also put a towel rack in the bathroom, but have yet to actually hang it on the wall.  Lot of good THAT does all of your wet hands.   So...

To-Do List for November

Hang the towel rack in the guest bath
Do the second phase of the painting/color scheme in the guest bath
Finish the aquarium stand???
Lots and lots of yard cleanup
Plant another tree in the backyard, and some grass seed in the front before it gets too cold
Hang the final shelf in the craft room, and get some of the rest of the painting done in there that I want to do.

once upon a time, I had a beautiful garden. 

Vee shall zee...


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