27 November 2011

When Closets Attack!

I believe I've mentioned before that my bedroom closet is a great big hot mess.  The dream is something along these lines...

wouldn't this be nice? 

And to be fair, while the reality is something slightly less organized, I am getting there, albeit slowly.  My closet doesn't affect anyone but me, so I'm allowing bits and pieces of it to come to me whenever it does, and spending my focus right now on the guest bath and guest bedroom.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I paid a visit to the small north Texas town of Burkburnett, and while I was there, I stopped at an indoor city-wide garage sale type of event to poke around.  It was cute in that Tiny-Texas-Town kind of way, there were lots of really nice people, and even live music in the center of the auditorium, which was nifty.  And I found a pair of cute little mirrors - about 15x18" - for $8 for the pair!

 I had them sitting on my kitchen counter for two weeks before I figured out what to do with them - well, with one of them anyway.  Into the bedroom closet they went!

Ooh, ahh. 
 It was...okay.  I actually cleaned up this portion of my closet quite a bit - removed some storage bins I wasn't using that I'd set on top of the dresser and then ignored, for example (remember that dresser?)  I also put the dresser up on bed riser feet so I can get to my socks without throwing my back out (it's a little small, but it'll do until I find the perfect one for this space ).

But it wasn't...quite...

A nicer, newer basket for my hair things and scarves, and some gold paint for that mirror.  I painted it on, then wiped the edges down to "weather" it a bit.

 Now to
(a)  figure out what to do with the other mirror like this, and to
(b)  do something about the rest of the closet...


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