14 November 2011

More Guest Bath!

Look!  I did some more painting in there!

Before Okay, Well, Last Week:


It's gray on the bottom!  See, once I get every single room in my house painted gray, then I can move to a new house.  Not really.  I cut the leftover Behr "Woodsmoke" paint from the living room in half with plain white to make it a soft dove-gray (okay, okay, actually, it was to make sure I had enough paint).

look, Ma, no toilet paper! 
I like the effect quite a bit - and it IS level around the room, in spite of the photo through the mirror making it look like it's not.  I did play with the artwork a bit, and made the frame over the towel rack horizontal instead of vertical, and I like that a lot better.  It still sticks up above the shower rod, but that's going to get moved up higher anyway once I get the curtains in place.

Curtains which I don't have, by the way:  curtains, a new (and washable) rug, and some towels.  Next, though, some practical things need to be addressed:

  • the missing cabinet door
  • cabinet door hardware
  • litterbox...issues. 
  • possibly another paint detail I haven't decided about yet


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