09 November 2011

More Progress In the Guest Bath

There's still a bunch of painting to be done in the guest bath, and some new textiles in there (shower curtains, rugs, towels).  But for the time being, I got the freaking towel rack  put up tonight, and some art and tchotchkes thrown in.  I like it so far.

vanity corner.  garden print via blessedwildapplegirl


"Girl Combing Her Hair" by Wm. McGregor Paxton

My fave thing about the old bathroom: the art over the throne.

Which is sideways.  I'll get to that.  Photo via Pinterest.

So far, so good.  I need to do something with that Paxton print - it's too high up on the wall. It looks fine in person, but in the picture...Idk. I'll look at it, and play with it some more.  I think I might stick it next to the mirror instead of the little garden-window print, and do something horizontal above the towel rack.


It's all coming down this weekend anyway, so I can do the rest of the painting in here.  But for what is basically a trial-run of all the stuff on the walls and the vanity, I'm pleased.


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