03 April 2012

Zilker Garden Festival '12

Kress and I trekked out to Zilker Botanical Gardens' 55th annual Garden Festival last weekend.  As usual, there were plenty of plants for sale, all sorts of home- and hand-made artisan goods for your home and garden,  tons of food, live music, and gorgeous things in the botanical gardens themselves.  Take a look:

(pics by me and Kress)

In the Hartman Prehistoric Garden, complete with bronze Ornithomimus

In the Taniguchi Japanese Garden

in the Mabel Davis Rose Garden

"Chrysler Imperial" rose

a Mock Orange

Pink Bluebonnets! 

a "black" Nicotiana 
Kress and The Mother Tree, in the Japanese gardens.  He's holding the herbs we
bought from one of the vendors: a red Jamaican Hibiscus, Applemint, and French Lavender.

me on the Moon Bridge in the Japanese Gardens



  1. Nice! I wish that a) I had known about this and b) hadn't been sick as the proverbial dawg. That arch in the rose garden is the one the Big Hairy Mon and I are standing by in those photos of us in our Florentine. Alina was the photographer

  2. Aw, I'm sorry you were sick. :( This happens every year on the last weekend in March - and there's tons more out there, look: http://www.zilkergarden.org/about/events/calendar.html This Sunday's the Iris show; wanna?

    Neat! And of course Alina was the photographer, hehe. She's awesome at it :)


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