18 April 2012

And Now A Long Post About Plants!

Or, rather, about my front garden:


I loved this garden, don't get me wrong.  I just really wanted a small, sort of cottage-y thing out there instead.  And since most of the plants in it worked already, it just took a little tweaking.  Okay, kind of a lot of tweaking.

nice trash cans, neighbors, thanks. 
After During:


  • removed the giant Rosemary. Sad, yes, but it was overgrown for the space and crowding things out, and starting to suffer, itself. 
  • Re-located the Loropetalum
  • Bumped the border out into a somewhat-convex line instead of a concave one, adding about four square bed feet to the front. 

  •  Relocated the Indigo* from the "inside" of the bed (by the front walk) to the "outside" where the Rosemary was
  • added a French Lavender in the same corner
  • mulched with fresh compost from the bin in the backyard
  • added a white Easter Lily in the center back (on sale, $6!) 

The front of the bed IS a very slightly convex, and smooth line, I promise.  Those dumbass stones make it look all wonky, though.  Those will be going away very soon, and replaced with...something else.

The Loropetalum now lives next to the #$%^& electrical box in the front yard.  It's going through some hellacious transplant shock;  I really hope it makes it. :S

So, the garden is nowhere NEAR finished, and won't be for a long while.  There's a TON of work to be done, and not just in smoothing out the border and dealing with the stones.  There's a little wattle fence to build (out of the rosemary branches, and some prunings from the backyard that I saved from last Fall), and a bunch of stuff to plant.

Plants in the garden right now: 
white Yarrow (Achilea millefolium)
"Before the Storm" and a pale purple German Bearded Irises (Iris germanica)
Australian Indigo (Indigofera australis)
French Toothed Lavender (Lavandula dentata)
a white, single-petaled Rose, unknown variety (clearance plant, hehe)

Next steps...
Remove the stones and replace with a new edging, show you when it's done. :)
In the Fall, when it's time to divide Irises, I need to remove about half of them to the back yard, and then spread the other half out around the bed more evenly, instead of in three big clumps like it is now.

Also want to add: 

A red rose to fill in the rest of the corner where the Rosemary was, along with the Lavender and Indigo.  
More Lilies to accompany the one I planted in the center back, for height and drama back there
Some Larkspurs and/or Delphiniums in the back, too
Strawberry plants in the hanging baskets (to keep critters out of them)
Some small herbs and bulbs to fill in around the ground - Thyme, Anemones (coronaria and blanda), etc.
Either a birdbath or small statue, or some combination of both

buttery-white (and over-exposed) rose in the sprinkler :) 



  1. Did you ever plant the Japanese irises I gave you? Cuz you know, if you want more...I have tons.

  2. Did I ever get those from you? I don't remember getting Irises from you, though I remember talking about it. The only Irises I have are the 'Storms, and the purple ones Lorrie gave me, and they're all Germans.

  3. I thought I gave you some. Anyhoo..I has tons of deep blue japanese irises...D I shall trade you the $5 and my present for them. Hee.


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