04 April 2012

Suprise!Living Room Rearrangement!

My BFF, in response: "*checks betting pool*  Okay, who had...April 3rd at 7pm?"  

So, yeah - I was a bit frustrated with the living room situation.  I mean, it was cute, it was divided into two discrete usable spaces...but it just wasn't working.  For one thing,  There were only *2* usable spaces: the computer area, and the living room/tv-watching area.   There was also a pretty little meditation corner that I wasn't using, like, ever, anymore; as well as a gigantic work table set up to do crafts and stuff on that was just crammed into one side of the office area.  There was also no room at all for any of our musical equipment, like, at all.

Also, if I haven't ever mentioned it before:  I'm not a talented hula-hooper, but I'm an avid hula-hooper, and I had NO space indoors in which to do it (the garage is too hot, and too cramped; and the backyard is way too visible to the neighbors - I'm also a self-conscious hooper).

So this week, I decided something:  I don't care if the room is "balanced" or follows somebody else's design rules.  I like the things in it, but I needed them to be arranged in a way that was useful to me, and comfortable to co-exist with.  And so last night, Kress and I did this:

Basically, I flip-flopped the entire room, which opened up a much larger work area, with lots of floor space to hoop in, AND gave us room to move the musical instruments back out into the main living area, which is where we use them, and we both love having them on display. :)

Kress Vanna-Whites the new tv area, still covered with junk that
got piled everywhere while we were moving things around

still the same size as the old area, too - no actual space lost here

and nothing but space gained on this side!  computer, work table, AND music

also much more open-feeling than the previous arrangement

details and fill-in not finished yet, but will be soon.

It's weird!  And it's totally AWESOME.  We've really needed a *big* music space, and I've really needed a *big* hoop (and dance!) space.  We both really, really like it.  It's odd and "unbalanced," but it works for what we need.  And it feels comfy and perfect. :)

It's not remotely done - there's art and rugs and more window stuff planned, as well as:

  • the big work table is actually going to go live in the garage as soon as we get the garage rearranged and painted the way we want it;  there'll be a little reading nook/sitting area back there in the corner; and
  • the mini-couch, visible on the right in that last photo, remains, for the time being, stranded all alone over there.  I've completely given up plans to make it fabulous...I hate it.  I hate the shape, it's too hard, the back's too short, etc.  I'm trying to decide whether to replace it with similarly-sized but comfortable and flexible extra seating; or if I want to set up my new keyboard*
  • Third option: keyboard and dedicated music practice area by the window, alternate seating area where the mini-couch is? 

*  I bought the keyboard from a friend recently, but I haven't had a place to set it up and start working with it yet.  When I brought it home, Kress asked, "...do you play piano or keyboards? I didn't think you knew how."  
     "I don't," says me, "But you know how I love to collect musical instruments and then not play them!"  

LOL.  I'm really excited about it, though. :) 



  1. I like it. You know me, not one to mince words: I haven't been wild about the divided room thing, but this makes it a lot better! Screw the critics who say you have to put your dining area here and your sofa there. Do they pay the mortgage??

    It's weird, I keep on spotting my cast-offs in your house, LOL.

  2. Oh, and I secretly...okay, not so secretly...covet that table!!

  3. Thanks!

    Which table? You know there are like eighteen tables in these pics, right? ;D

  4. The big one...the one you moved from under the bar to the back of the house. :D

  5. Ah. Kress' dad made that. It's a dining table, actually, and we have benches in the same style that go with it. I bet you could take one look at it and draw up a plan to build one like it. :)


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