19 April 2012

Garage Re-Org Proceeding Apace

The East and West walls have been flipped, as per the sketch I posted the other day.   The garden stuff, and the festival storage stack, have been moved to the West wall where the water filter stuff is;  and the entire workshop/woodshop has been moved to the East wall, which you can see here.

I improvised the shelving with some random junk I had in the garage:  four cinderblocks (from a balcony garden in an apartment a decade ago, some long 2" planks buried in the lumber stack, and a black shelf that I'd built for books a million years ago that had just been taking up space and collecting random @%^# in a corner of the garage.

The walls and ceiling have also been primed.  Yay!  All of this took me six full hours last weekend, but it's done.  Next step, please.

Although, I did discover a bit of a problem: the tape on the sheetrock on the ceiling in another corner of the garage was wet.  Not dripping - and I found no evidence of a drip anywhere underneath the spot - but it was wet enough that it diluted the paint around the tape.  And it hasn't rained heavily in like two weeks, so for it to still be wet, there had to have been standing water in the attic.

I have a roof leak.  


I guess it's not so bad when you think about it - the house is nearly nine years old at this point.  Stuff was bound to start happening eventually.


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