30 April 2012

One For the "That Did NOT Just Happen!" Column

So, this is Patty:

Patty O'Furniture.  She's Irish. 
I built this little side table, oh, about five years ago, from a pile of scrap 2x2s that I had sitting around the garage at the time.   It was a great little table for the back porch, and it sure went through the ringer in the four years it was out there.  It got used as a table, a step-stool, and a chair; had all four corners of the top chewed off by a puppy (guess which one!), and even spent a couple of weeks underneath a large plant I was trying to keep off the ground.

Eventually, I replaced it with a round one, and moved it into the garage where it became a stool at my workbench.  Lately I'd noticed it was getting a bit wobbly, so I stopped sitting on it, and started thinking about repairing the loose joints and replacing the pieces of the top that had been chewed.

However, yesterday, as I was moving some things around in the garage (I was digging out an unused weight bench, which I sold via Craigslist yesterday, along with another exercise machine), I went to slide it out of the way with my foot, and it totally...

The thing went down like a house of cards - every. single. piece. came apart!  I hadn't realized it was THAT loose!  Wow!  Kress and I just stood there gawking for a second, and then burst out laughing. It was kind of epic, hehe.

Bye, little side table. Nice knowin' ya.


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  1. Damn good thing you weren't sitting or standing on it, eh? >.<


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