20 April 2012

The Oldest Wildebeest, Part III

Last weekend also saw some of the final stages of the aquarium stand coming together:

L-shaped  outside molding on the corners,
being filled and sanded, nail holes filled.

Kress helping with the staining

First coat:  Ben & Jerry's  Minwax's  Deep Walnut 

Second coat, also Minwax:  Old Maple, in a one-shot stain &
polyurethane.  On its own, the maple is really yellowy, but the
combination is sort of a warm, dark, almost-cherry color. 

The top got a VERY thick layer of clear sealant, to water-
proof the top in case of spills or leaks from the tank.  

Drying.  Sure is dusty in there.  Which is what happens when
you  build a  frame and leave it in the garage for seven years.    

Next steps:

  1. very light buffing with a very fine sandpaper to remove any residual nicks and bubbles in the finish, just in case there are some I can't see
  2. Attach the doors, and the knobs to the doors
  3. Attach the slidey-feet so the wood won't mar the laminate in the house
  4. Put it in the living room, and begin working on the aquarium itself!  
Almost there...


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