03 November 2010

Workshop Wildebeest: Red Tool Cart!


office file cart from work


aw   yeah!
  • Office cart 
  • Primer/leftover paint/clear-coat sealant
  • Ikea's RATIONELL VARIERA cutlery tray 
  • Tools! 

 My new red tool cart lives in my recently-cleaned and -reorganized garage/workshop (which I don't have pictures of, since I'm not finished re-organizing it).  

adjustment to the plan I posted the other day

Real Life has paint stains and crates of things I haven't sorted yet

Ta-da!  Yay!  The carboard box on the main work table, by the way, is my old "toolbox."  It even says so on the side.  I definitely needed the upgrade, wouldn't you say? Heh. 


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