06 March 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Last week you guys got to see what my house looked like when I moved in in 2004.  This week I have one more old photo for you:

This was my very first apartment, in 1999.  Not the first I'd ever lived in, to be sure; but the first one I kept all to myself, without sharing with roomates or boyfriends or anybody at all, just me.

They told me I could paint, and so I did - two walls in the living room, and the entire bedroom.  I had begun gardening two years before in the old duplex I used to share with a group of friends; my "garden" in this apartment consisted of a dozen or so potted plants that I'd salvaged when I moved away from the duplex.

And yes, I had inflatable furniture, LOL.  I had almost no furniture (only a nightstand and a rocking chair) at this point in my life, and few posessions, and even less money; so the most expedient option when I got this place was a boxed set of three living room pieces  and a 99-c Barbie air pump, LOL.  The bookshelf in the picture I got for free from a department store that was throwing it away.

I even had a cat, for a while.  I left my sliding glass door open to the breeze most afternoons when I got home from work (I didn't drive back then, so my apartment was literally across the street from my office).  One day, a young black cat waltzed in like he owned the place.  He didn't stay inside with me, but he came over to hang out every day for a few months, until one day he passed my place by and didn't come inside.  Oh, well.


I love living on my own.  I love it now, and I loved it in 1999, even though I only lived at this apartment for six months before moving in with a guy I was dating (sigh).  Is it scary sometimes?  Yes.  But I love it, I really do.


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