18 March 2014

A Kitchen CatastroF$@k (Part 1)

No, no, no - it's not that bad.   I just wanted to say "catastrofuck" (Jon Stewart's word).

So this happened: 

Hint:  not supposed to be in pieces.
Note: this happened during a cooking-intensive dinner party. AWESOME.

This bitty little clip, which is snapped in half, 
held the whole thing together.  

I looked online, but couldn't find a replacement clippy thing for this 10-yo faucet.  Fortunately, I actually had a replacement faucet and  sink in my garage - I was only waiting to buy a new disposal so that I could install everything together.

Unfortunately, the new faucet didn't fit the old sink; so the entire sink had to be replaced.




Finally, I manage to get the disposal off the sink:

All disassembled and ready for the install, hooray!  

I should note that this is only my second plumbing job, aside from replacing toilet flappers (anybody can do that);  and I'm pleased to report that the whole thing went really smoothly, and was far easier and quicker a job than I was anticipating.  From start to finish, everything you see in this blog post took about an hour and a half.

Dear Craigslist...

Now to install the new sink.... (continued in Part 2)


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