27 March 2014

Laura's Home For Wayward Furniture

Wow, I should totally just name this blog that. 

This armoire was given to me by a friend whom I helped move houses last weekend, as she no longer had a space for it.

Neat!   Tall.  Free.  Like.

Idk if you remember the craigslist dresser I refinished and put into my closet when I re-did it in 2012;  I had pulled it out and put it on this wall instead after a while, freeing up some floor space in the closet, and wall space on which to hang a scarf organizer last July.   I've moved it to the opposite side of the bathroom door in the bedroom (you can see the floorplan in the first closet link).  Show you when it doesn't have a pile of junk on top.  ;)

Anyway, this armoire is MUCH better on this wall than the dresser (and pile of blankets next to it in a plastic tub) was.

It needs a wee bit of work.   There's water damage on the top and on both sides, all  of which are thin plywood, and will need to be entirely replaced, one day.

It will also need to be refinished, due to some regular wear-n-tear (regular if you're a family of wampas (and no offense to Moving Friend, it was like this when she got it from Craigslist).

And also some places where the finish has just flat out peeled off.

The design up top is painted on, below the finish layers.  I guess this was supposed to be kind of art-deco-looking?

I can't tell where this thing came from or exactly how old it is.  It's solid oak and oak plywood, with iron locks. There's no maker's mark anywhere, inside or out.  Hm.

Until I get a chance to really put some work into this thing, though, it still makes a great blanket-holder.

You can see the line around the middle where it needs a shelf.

It could use an upper shelf, too.

The least I could do was slap some knobs on it for now, because, I shit you not, I cut my finger on a peeling piece of old, dried varnish at one point when I pried the door open by the edge.  O_O

That'll do, for the time being.  (And yes, they're level.  The picture is a really weird angle).

I'm hoping that I can find some keys for these keyholes, and maybe a keyhole cover for the door on the right in this pic (the lock is in there, but the cover is missing).
So pretty.

So what's the plan?  I have no idea.  Right now the plan is to keep blankets in it until I finish the other nine-million projects I've been doing lately and THEN worry about  


One of my "lines" (you know, those things you always say that your friends rib you about - like me painting things blue) is "Hm.  I could put a plant there."  That happened like six hours after I set up this armoire, lol.  So I did this:

P.S. - Don't even think I've forgotten about all those light fixtures I started in January.


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