26 March 2014

Beware the "Good Spot." Yeah, you know exactly what I mean.

Once upon a time, my TV hung on the wall of my living room. Eventually I re-arranged the furniture and I took it down.  I left the bars on the back of the TVso they wouldn't get lost, and I taped the bolts to the bracket itself, to make sure they stayed with it, and I put it carefully away.

C D E D B D bracket? 

Eventually, I wanted to hang the TV again, and one day, while out in the garage working on something else, I came across the bracket, and, thinking, "I'm going to need this soon," I took it out of the box it had been stored in and put it in A Good Spot, where I could just grab it when I was ready.

Perhaps it goes without saying that I never saw it again.

After having searched every inch of my garage and my house at least three times over, I finally gave up and bought a new bracket at Ikea the last time I happened to be there.  I thought I got a flat one, but once I got home I realized I had accidentally bought a swing-arm bracket instead, and since Ikea's 45 minutes away from my house in good traffic (which is less and less probable these days), I wasn't about to go back just to exchange a single item, so I went ahead and put it up.  Yay, TV!


The next day, I noticed the tv wasn't level.  Dang it, I was just sure I had - never mind, I'll fix it. I took it down, leveled it correctly this time, put it back up.   The next day it wasn't level...again.   The next day it was worse.  And then one day, the tv fell off the wall.

It fell OFF.

It fell. The fuck. Off. 


The day I went to take it down before that had a chance to happen, I touched the TV, and it fell off the wall into my hands.  Better that, than just falling off without me there to catch it, right?  It's not a very expensive tv, but it's the only one I have!

(And yes, I used all the hardware that came with it the first time. The second time, I used good, sturdy drywall anchors that I knew would work because they're the kind I always use.  The thing fell out of the wall because either the swing-arm or the whole thing was so unbalanced that the weight of the TV on the arm was too much for the wall bracket, even though the packaging said that the bracket was rated for a tv far heavier than mine.  Booo, Ikea, BOO).  

So the other day, I'm telling this story to my friend, Kress, and he says, "That bracket - is it black?  And about yea big?  Masking tape on it?"

Apparently, at some point the bracket, so carefully removed and put in A Good Spot had gotten knocked or placed into a random box, which ended up moving out with Kress last summer.  He didn't know what it was, but he thought it might be mine, so he saved it, and had had it in his truck for weeks just waiting to ask me about it, hehe.

YAY !!!!

This whole wall is very much a work-in-progress, by the way; although I really love the way it's coming together.  And by "together" I mean "slapdash and homemade and full of plants."  Hee.  The plants are very carefully situated so that they won't drip or fall on any of the electronics. They're also brand-new, which is why most some are kind of sparse:  They're rooted cuttings, freshly planted.  They'll be nice and fluffy in no time.  The cord-spaghetti behind the TV is going to be dealt with very soon.  And the mirror over the fireplace is going to be replaced with a really, really cool painting.  As soon as I paint it. 

All is well.


  1. Damn google...ate my comment. Anyway... I'm fairly convinced that the fuckers who ran NPC Homes reincarnated as Lennar. If that's the case, your sheetrock is as crappy as mine and plastic anchors of any kind will. not. work. (Except the ones that came with my Katwallks, but I digress....) I have to use toggle bolts for anything larger than a 5x7 picture frame. So it's probably not the bracket itself, but your sheetrock just not holding the anchors.

    (Oh, unrelated sided note: I found the larger of the blue planters I was looking for, but still not the bowl one...weird.)

  2. I don't think that's the problem; I've never had a problem with things just plain falling out of the walls before. I honestly think the Ikea bracket was just not as up to the task. I also think a flat bracket from Ikea would have been fine. I think it's just that it couldn't support the weight as it claimed to, unbalanced, and started pulling at the screws. Oh, well. All better now.


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