22 June 2010

Ikea Finds + Old Curtain Panels + Past Wildebeests


Ye olde home office got a a couple of shiny new touches this week, starting Sunday when The Boyfriend and I happened into a black Kaustby ladder-back dining chair in Ikea's as-is section for $20.  It'd been a floor model;  one of the rungs in the back needs to be tightened a tiny bit, but it's in great shape otherwise.

I've always loved these dining chair pads from World Market, and had a bit of a sheer curtain in a lovely teal color (Ikea's Sarita) leftover from an old project (below), so I made one for the Kaustby

And now my little corner office at home is just a bit prettier.  :)

Bit of A Wildebeest

I don't have pictures of the chair pad for you at the moment, but I can show you the fabric I used.  Once upon a time, a friend gave me this fabric-panel screen - her mother, actually, had this sitting around in a closet somewhere and said, "Give this to Laura, maybe she can do something with it."   Which: hell yeah! 

I replaced the curved bits at the top with straight bits, finished the repair job that someone had started on the top bar in the center, removed the stretch-lace (huh?!), and stripped down and re-stained the whole thing.  
Et voila!  

This is the teal Sarita curtain panel fabric from Ikea - the stuff I used on my chair pad.  The second panel of this pair of curtains is still a curtain: it hangs in the doorway that leads from my entry hall into my main living area.  I'd really love to place this screen in the living room to bounce more of this wonderful, sparkly color around the room...I just haven't figured out where yet.  
(It occurred to me recently that I may have too much furniture, and that I could do more with the room if I'd get rid of some stuff.  As much as I go to Goodwill with my knick-knacks and clothes, I've never actually gotten rid of furniture pieces.  I think, in fact, that me doing that may actually be one of the 66 seals).  

 Anyhoo, there you have it.  Hm...I think as soon as I can get a decent picture of the chair cushion, I'll send it and the screen to Ikea-Hacker


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