29 June 2010


No sofa fabric for me this month, sale or no sale.  Stupid money. :( 
I am, however, in the next six months, going to be winning:

  • $5K shopping spree from Target 
  • $5K shopping spree from Home Depot 
  • $10K World Market/HGTV "Antonio Treatment" sweepstakes 

*    *    *    *    * 

OTOH, I'm ready to get going on the paint job in the living room.  I hope I have enough paint left to do what I want to do - I'll take a look at it all this week, and hopefully get painting over the weekend.

And I'm feeling good about my house, having received a few shining compliments this week from friends.  One woman recently told me that my house is exciting - everywhere you look, there's layer upon layer, and little surprises hidden behind things, and that it's fun to just sit and look around, discovering things that don't show on first look.  Yay!  Best compliment ever. :)

I've also recently realized that I have too much freaking furniture!  I think that's the first time in my entire life I've ever caught myself saying that!  I've currently got that desk I was talking about posted on craigslist;  there's a set of nesting tables and a pair of old P-Barn end tables that I think I'm going to post tonight.  Both sets of tables I purchased on the cheap (garage sales) about ten years ago, and have been carting around since, and I'm kind of tired of the style.  They're lovely - nice wood tops and metal legs - but that's just not the style I'm into anymore.

(It might surprise you to know that ten years ago I was VERY into everything modern and contemporary, but with a softer, natural feel - lots of simple shapes and angles, metal accents, warm wood and plants.  Kind of greenhouse-y. But ME?  MODERN?  I know, right?)

So, I'm hoping to pick up some cash this week on craigslist;  and meanwhile, there are a couple of cute side tables taking up floor space in my living room that will become nightstands as soon as the old P-Barn end tables are out of the bedroom.  I love my layers, but there can  be too many, you know?

So here's to simplifying, and shedding unneeded extras.  And here's to that being FREE.  :)


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