21 June 2010

Random Monday Afternoon Post

1.   I'm really hoping to have pics for you tomorrow, camera issues or not.  I just have to remember to take some tonight when I get home, before I lose the light.

2.   Came across my new favorite word today:  "designerati" - TM Decorno, who alas, is no longer writing her blog, but, happily, is still guesting at a couple of other design blogs from time to time.  I spend a LOT of time reading design blogs online while I should be working,   and, to answer the question that I've been asked a few times in person (but not here): NO, I am not one of the online "designerati."  I adore paging through design blogs, but I am not remotely inspired to become one of the people I read. This blog is for my projects, my house, maybe sometimes my gardens - but I'm not here to join an online world or become internet-famous.  I just like to blog, and feel like showing off.  I may link off-site sometimes when I find cool things out there, but I have no plans to create a "design blog" that consists mainly of pictures of other people's work.  I'm not entirely on board with that idea...though it doesn't keep me from looking at re-posted re-posted pictures elsewhere. Heh.

Edited to add:  that's not meant to sound all judgemental.  It's just not what *I* want to do, is all.  No offense to the online designerati intended.  :)

3.   The less-fun part of decorating:  maintenance.  *UGH*  Do not want.  What's hanging over my head right now that I'd rather not be doing?  Sprucing up the baseboards in the dining room, for one thing.  I did the entire rest of the house last summer, but somehow I forgot to do the dining room, and it looks that much more horrible next to the rest of the house where all the baseboards have been scrubbed, re-caulked, and re-painted.  It'd take me like an hour if I'd just get off my ass and do it...but I probably won't.  Bleh.


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  1. Baseboard redoing is no pickanicka, BooBoo. I can tell you. I hate it. hard on knees, my bad wrists and hands...ow. But I'd be glad to come over and hand you cold beers and kibbutz (my fave activity, as you know).


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