23 June 2010

Laura's Living Room Gets Colorful

Once upon a time, this was my dream:
Clean, simple, comfortable.  Mainly monochromatic, but deep and rich with varied textures and deep cushions to sink into with a book and a mug of [spiked!] coffee.

But as much as I loved - still love - looking at pictures of rooms like this, I found myself bored with the reality very quickly.  It's restful...but a little too restful.  It's simple...but a little too simple.  More and more, I find myself wanting color - bright and shiny, deep and dark, glittering and bejeweled COLOR.

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I've been adding and replacing little things here and there over the last couple of years.  I'm keeping the foundations of the room as it has been:  sand-colored walls, dark wood floors, dark wood furniture.  I'm going to be re-covering my new sofa (Ikea's Ektorp) in July, and bringing in a lot of new color via fabrics, throw pillows and blankets, floor cushions, etc. 

Here's an example of the color scheme I'm leaning towards at the moment (subject to change for no reason and with no notice, because it's me):

(fabric photos/color examples  from Fabric.comfabric.com, JoAnnFabrics.com and FabricResource.com

The body of the sofa will very soon be covered with the brown microfiber faux-suede that you see in the background above;  cushions to be done in a similar fabric, same color, but I'm hoping to find a pretty patterned fabric to contrast in feel.  Ikea has a pair of fairly heavy matelassé drapes that I think might do nicely.  I stopped at Interior Fabrics yesterday on my way home to scout materials that might be on super-awesome-sale during their July 4th event, and found exactly the microfiber I was looking for, for $10/yard.  If that'll go down to 30% off (here's hoping), it'll be the same price as similar stuff at my local JoAnn's when it's half-off, but better quality and a nicer shade of brown.    

I plan to create toss pillows and lap blankets out of various velvets and brocades from JoAnn's, in primarily teals and browns, but with some bright magenta and pimpin'-purple accents (the glasses and lantern in the picture above).   The fabric samples above are pretty much color ideas only; I have no idea what exact fabrics I'll end up going with.

In addition to re-covering and dressing up the Ektorp sofa with new fabrics, I'm planning to replace the plastic feet that came with the sofa with turned wooden bun feet to tie the piece in with other footed pieces in the room;  they'll be a little taller than the original feet, too, for a leaner look and more negative visual space under the sofa. I'm also thinking of accenting the bottom edge with an interesting little trim, for a bit of bling and some cat toys movement; though I'm not sure what kind yet.

Here's the Ektorp with the plain slipcover that Ikea wants you to buy (I didn't.  Mine's completely uncovered, and protected by old blankets. Ewww).  The brown chair in the lower left corner is World Market's Ravenna chair - this is more or less what the sofa will look like when I'm done with it.

I do love me some World Market.  Not much of my current furniture collection actually came from World Market; but there's a definite World Market-y flair to most of it, and a bit of an Indian feel in some places as well, which is something I'm trying to learn to cultivate without going overboard and theme-y.  It's all fairly eclectic, though the pieces are tied together by color:  I've done almost all of it in the same or very similar stains (a couple of pieces are a touch darker or lighter or redder), which picks up on colors in the flooring.

It all sounds a bit dark and heavy, but the effect is broken up by lots of natural light from large windows, lots of shiny/sparkly metal and glass bits and mirrors to move light around the space,  and light sand-colored walls which form a great backdrop for the color scheme I'm working into the room.

 I do need to do something about the lighting in there, though - so far all I've got going for me is windows during the day, and a single ceiling-fan light at night.  It's not completely terrible, but I'd really love to have some pretty pendants and lantern-y table lamps in the main seating area. .

I'm very much pro-ceiling fan, in case you were wondering.  It's Texas up in here, which = HOT.

Mine looks almost exactly like this one, but with four small lights instead of a single large globe in the center. 

My coffee table, which I'll feature on a Wildebeest post at some point in the near future, which I created in 2008 to serve as a foundation and inspiration piece for the entire room.

The standing screen I mentioned yesterday, which I'm bringing into the room to help divide the space and add sparkle and color;  and which matches the sheer curtain over the doorway from the main hall, and the tufted chair pad that I made for my desk chair yesterday.

First step, though:  sofa fabric.  More news as the situation develops. 


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  1. Love the new color scheme! I never have been a fan of the all white/neutral thing. Beyond having to keep it clean with pets and messy boys, it just always seems very cold to me...like it belongs to some skinny, childless, Junior Leaguer or such. So glad you're going with color. :)


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