30 June 2010


I love lists.  I have about a thousand of them, each detailing a loooong list of things I won't ever get around to, either because I can't afford to, I've changed my mind since I jotted down an idea, or I spend 99% of my time at home doing exactly what I've been doing all week this week: sitting on my ass playing video games.

(In my own defense, it's because my PoS2, which stopped working on me about two months ago, is magically working again.  I'm celebrating.)

I may or may not get off my butt and DO something tonight. In the meantime, here are some more lists:

5 Decorating Trends I'm Sick of Already

  1. Fur (or faux fur) bedding.  Fur is evil. End of story.  It's also hot, and ugly, no matter how you slice it. 
  2. Animal skin rugs.  WHY, everyone, why?  
  3. Those little ceramic Chinoiserie stools you see everywhere these days (Target has an affordable version for $65, if you really, really need one).   I've never really loved those; and I'm tired of seeing them on every. single. blog. 
  4. Wallpaper.  I've seen some nice ones, but honestly, just because it's popular again doesn't mean it's any less a pain in the ass to remove in ten years, or any less likely to be seen as dated and fugly in the future.  Remember the flowered walls in grandma's kitchen that you joke about when talking about decor to your friends?  Your kids are going to be talking about your house that way one day. 
  5. Mirrored furniture.  Breakable, and always, always covered with fingerprints and weird smudges from pets and kids and who knows whatall.  Just no. 

5 Things Spell-Checker Thinks I Meant To Type Instead of "Chinoiserie"
  1. Trichinosis
  2. Chimera
  3. Miniseries
  4. Echinoderm
  5. Chiffonier

5 Decor Trends I'm Really, Really Loving and Wish I Could Have In My House
  1. Wallpaper-like painted wall motifs and/or stencils...done in pearlescent glaze for a subtle, light-catching effect.
  2. Blue + brown.  Lots of folks say it's old, tired, used - but I adore the color combination, and will have it in my home as much as I can.  (Disclaimer:  where brown = wood, that is.  Except for my couch, which is soon to be covered in brown microfiber faux suede). 
  3. Big fluffy white sheer curtains over windows flooded with sunlight.  I'm SO happy this is "back."  
  4. Painted/stenciled wood flooring.  My floors are laminate picture-of-wood; but if I had, say, an old farmhouse with aged wood floors beyond refinishing, I would TOTALLY paint them. 
  5. Pink.  SIKE!  I fucking hate pink. 

 5 Things On My Radar This Week That May Or May Not Actually Get Done
  1. Starting on the trim painting in my living room, in preparation for The Big Paint Job (I have a 3" band of white paint all around the top of my walls and the edge of my ceilings, a kind of painted "crown molding".  It doesn't fool anyone, but it's a decent look.  I'm planning on expanding it and trimming it out with real molding). 
  2. Starting on the mural I plan to do on an accent wall in the living room.  I know, I know, accent walls are "out" - this wall will look just like all the others when I'm done, just with a hint of maybe something was painted underneath it once upon a time.  It'll make sense when you see the "after" picture in a few weeks. 
  3. An actual painting.  Like, artwork and stuff.  If it comes off the way I want it to, I'll probably do a large version to hang over my fireplace.  
  4. Priming the small hallway between my living room and bedroom.  It's a gorgeous deep eggplant color that would look just awesome in a spooky old Victorian, but while it's been fun, it goes with *nothing*.  Plus I have a faboo idea for in there.  
  5. Weeding the vegetable gardens in my backyard, which has exactly squat to do with decorating, since my backyard has no "outdoor room" or anything nifty - it's basically a collection of weeds - but I'm sick of looking at it, and it HAS to be done. 

So...that was pointless.  Ta!


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  1. PINK!!! Psych! LOL. You'll hate my kitchen, I'm afraid.

    Your version of brown and blue is awesome, what's overdone, like 5 years ago is the cocoa, aqua, and white...good gods, I got sick of that. It wasn't that great a combo to begin with, but then everywhere you went, clothes, furnishings, deco-shows, EVERYwhere... guh.

    I still and always will do "accent" walls. But mine are always just a darker, contrasting paint color. I like them and the "'sperts" can suck my paint brush.

    And yah, with the new color scheme, the plummy wall will has to go.


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