21 May 2011


Raise your hand if you re-use plastic grocery bags.  I use them for, among other things, trash bags in my car...because I'm one of those people who will toss a can or a burger wrapper over my shoulder into the backseat if I'm driving, if you let me.  I know, because I've seen me do it.

Seemingly unrelated, I spent about four hours today working on the craft room (no, there are no "after" pictures yet, sorry), and I found an embroidery hoop.   I don't embroider, so...?  But later, taking a break in front of Pinterest, I saw this laundry doodad:

cute, huh?


A hoop:

Seriously, I didn't even know I had this.

A bag:

A car trash that STAYS OPEN and is easy to use while driving!    Thanks, Pinterest!

Doesn't my car look clean in this shot?  It's really, really not. 

If I happen to find one or two of the fourteen thousand little aluminum carabiner clips that I know are in this house somewhere,  in the near future, I'll use one of those to hook the hoop to the "Oh Shit Handle" in the car instead of just tying the bag on. 

And yes, since you asked:  there are actual updates on the way for this coming week.  See ya soon. :)


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