31 May 2011

This House is CUH-LEAN!!!

Last weekend I kicked ass in the craft room - it is now clean and organized, and ready for
  1. painting
  2. shelves hung on the wall
  3. cutting table build & install
  4. *decent* pics with actual camera instead of just my phone...sorry...

Waaaaay Before & Somewhat Recently:

north wall - a bunch of crap on a bunch of ugly shelves

piles of stuff! everywhere! FAIL!!!

renovated closet, two weeks ago

After (Middle):

North wall: now with organized bins, at least!
 After I've painted in this room, the north wall will be getting shelves.  These plastic bins are full of fabric; they'll be replaced with smaller bins that will fit into the shelves - clear bins, so that I can see what I'm after at a glance, instead of having to dig. Gonna have to do something about that litterbox in the corner, too.  Bleh.

Sewing Table #1 For Two Machines & Piano Accompaniment
 These wire racks holding the tabletop up will eventually be replaced with cubby-shelves with baskets, or file cabinets, or something like that - sturdier, more attractive, better storage.

wow...no.  just no.
 I DO still want curtains over the closet door...but not these.  These I had sitting around in the fabric bins, and I threw them up there just to see what the color would look like...and I hate it.  I'm thinking plain white linen.  Payday.

no! more! piles! of crap!
This is the south wall, where eventually I'll build a flip-up cutting table that will fold down flat against the wall when not in use.  For the time being, I'm enjoying the sight of the bare wall without shelves and boxes of crap in front of it.  This room has no ceiling fan (yet), so I spray-painted this plastic fan with gray primer, and will put a metallic coat over it to make it look like steel and wire, as soon as I get some metallic spray paint.

muslin café curtain over window - light in, neighbors out
I also took about 10 minutes yesterday to sew up a wee scrap of muslin into a little café curtain for the craft room window.  This is one of the darkest rooms in the house;  this curtain is sheer and light enough to let in all the light I need during the day, and thick enough to keep out prying eyes at night.

Getting there!

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