03 May 2011

Pin this!


The craft room closet is REALLY coming along.  Last night I got most the contents of those two black shelves into the closet, and most of the *stuff* piled up in the room organized into it, too.  Success!  I even restrained myself when I saw exactly the plastic totes at Target that I want to put my fabric in, because, you know, one must pay one's electricity bill before shopping.  Or so I hear.

The next step is to hang a curtain over the doorway ( I decided against putting the doors back up - curtains will be easier to move out of the way, and softer, and I just happen to have some that I'd forgotten about); and do something about all those mismatched boxes.

In the meantime...

I rarely hawk for websites, but you guys have GOT to see this (if you haven't already, which you probably have;  I'm often in the very last car on the Internet Train).

I even have a pin board just for BLUE STUFF  :D

Pinterest  kicks butt.  It's kind of a visual bookmark site:  create an account, create as many "boards" (albums) where you can "pin" (bookmark) pictures that you find online and browse through them all on one page instead of digging through text bookmarks and wondering which one is which.  Pinterest also saves & links the sources for the things that you pin.

You can comment, "like", tag people/places/things in pins, re-pin others' pins, follow boards other people maintain, and organize your boards and the photos in them. There's even an iPhone app coming soon so you can pin from your phone.  You DO have to request an invitation from the website itself and create an account, but it's free, and it's quick. 

Mine is here. I'm slowly but surely migrating all of my internet bookmarks over to my pin boards.  I'm not remotely done, but the process is fun, and fills many boring hours during the week. :)


  1. wow!! a pin board for blue stuff.. sounds like a lovely plan!! I like your craft closet Laura!! :-)

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