06 May 2011

Inspiration Strikes When and Where It Will

For a bit of fun on this gorgeous Friday afternoon, I thought I'd share with you where I got the inspiration for the layout on my patio. 

In 2006 I used the Quikrete Walkmaker to make a concrete patio on the back of the house.  This is what it looked like the day it was finished:

Hey, look, I actually had grass before I had dogs...

(It didn't actually dip in the center like that -  I had to splice two photos together to get this shot).  The border around the edge would become a "hedge" of herbs surrounding the patio with green and lovely scents and lots of bees. 

Last year, tired of cracking mortar, weeds, and upset stones from the ground settling, I chipped out the entire thing, fixed the grade of the sub-surface, and laid the stones in a more organic pattern; intending to allow the grass to fill in between the stones, which would (a) create a softer, prettier surface to walk on, and (b) allow Nature to take its course on the patio instead of trying to fight it every step of the way.  This is what it looked like the day I finished it:

You can see here the GIANT Rosemary bush on the upper right, which was *tiny* in the first picture;  the little tree behind it is my Mexican Orchid Tree (Bauhinia mexicana),  which is the plant in the pot on the lower left in the first picture - barely a stick then!

it does have grass between the stones now, by the way

Another shot of the stones, which are arranged in concentric circles beginning at the four corners of the patio that meet at the edges like ripples in a pond. You can see the herb border fully grown in here - this was taken about a month before that Raging Death Fungus of Doom ripped through my entire garden and killed everything last year.  Sadface. :(

But here's the fun part:  the inspiration for the stone layout:

I have no idea who these players are, but they're totally cheating.

Heeheehee.  This is a screenshot from the game Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for Playstation (yes, Playstation *one*).  Specifically, this is the Lich's crypt, the Lich being the Big Bad Guy at the end of the first segment of the game.  I love this old game, and I still play it all the time;  and I've always loved the stones in the grass on the floor of this level.  Ever since I first saw it I've wanted to make a little grassy stony patio like it.   Obviously mine's a bit different, but this is where I got the idea.

LOL.   :)


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