27 May 2011

More Ideas For Projects I'm Never Going To Get Around To

So, that back patio of mine...

ooh, ahh.
Wouldn't be awesome if it looked like that, but with grass in between the stones?  Actually, it does.  And it's fantastic when I remember to take the weedeater to it every week, but who has time for yardwork? 


But looking pretty cool doesn't solve the real problem with it, which is that the stones are (a) really, really, really rough underfoot (because I didn't smooth out the concrete enough when I made them, and I should've used cement anyway, NOT concrete, because it's full of tiny rocks! Ow!)   Also, (c), I'm actually kinda bored with it.  And (d) if I'm going to have to dig some of it up to put up posts for a pergola-type-thing overhead...why not just scrap the whole thing and do something new? 

With me? Awesome.

So I keep seeing stuff like this...

And this...

if my toes could drool...
I mean, really, can't you just feel that soft, smooth wood under your bare feet?  I really wish I could find the photo I'm thinking of - I saw one not too long ago that's *gorgeous* and *perfect*, but did I bookmark/pin/save it?  Hell no.

It was little more than a "Hey, that's neat", until I remembered that in my hoard stash in the garage, I've got two buckets of black marble chips, another bucket of stones in assorted sizes/colors that have been in and out of gardens and fishtanks for years, a huge pile of lumber that's technically usable but which I know I won't ever really build anything with, including a couple of small heavy timbers and some end-grain pieces, a couple of spare bags of sand (for re-doing the base underneath the patio)...and I think I have some weed-blocking cloth in there somewhere, but I'm not sure. I even have a couple of gallons of deck sealant/stain sitting around in my paint hoard supplies.  Even if I have to buy more weed-blocking cloth, that's an entire project for like $20, done almost entirely with stuff I already have.

see also: breezy net sheers, moroccan lantern, hanging plants, live grass, time to do all this


Like I have time to do that.  But it's a neat idea.


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