04 May 2011

What's Better Than Shelves? More Shelves!

Having filled (and organized!) the craft room closet, my work in the craft room is about halfway done.  Which is HUGE.

And because I like lists, here's what's gone on in there this week:
  • closet emptied and cleaned, top shelf removed, holes patched
  • doors removed, painted
  • closet painted
  • plywood cut into two additional shelves and a desktop/shelf, and painted to match walls
  • shelves/desktop hung in the closet
  • stuff from 2 standing shelves in the room organized into the closet
  • doors replaced
  • doors removed again, curtain rod in doorway instead
 And here's what's left:
  1. hang curtains on that rod
  2. put the doors on the closet in the guest room, and move the guest room closet doors to storage in the garage
  3. adjust the paint job in the rest of the room (long story, pics as soon as I'm done)
  4. cut the rest of the plywood into 4 more floating shelves, procure extra shelf brackets for the rails I already have, paint shelves, and hang on open wall in room
  5. procure smaller, clear bins and organize fabric into it - re-use the old (big, opaque) plastic bins in the garage
  6. hang the art I have for the room;  print out some extra stuff to fill in with blockposters.com
  7. procure & hang a ceiling fan (hot!!!)
  8. repair cord on desk lamp that's supposed to be on my sewing table and put it back where it goes (blind!!!)

You know, I could go on for pages and pages.  At *this* moment, I'm really only concerned with #1-6. After all that's done, I have to re-organize some stuff in the garage, because I'm going on my annual Big Camping Trip the second week of June, and at the moment I can't even SEE my camping gear.  Um...oops.


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