10 May 2011

Motivation FAIL

Actually, it's more of a daunting thing.  I am daunted by the craft room.  There's just SO much to do, and every single step is huge and time-consuming and tedious (since it involves slowly beating back the last advance of what very nearly became the beginning of a serious hoarding situation). Not to mention the fact that the rest of my life has gotten so blindingly busy lately that when I get a minute to myself I hardly know what to do with myself aside from just taking a nap, I'm so stressed out.  UGH. 

I'm planning some more work in there this coming weekend, if I get a minute and am feeling up to it; but for the time being, here are some photos I've collected via Pinterest to keep me inspired as I trudge along through the details of getting the hard stuff in the room taken care of so I can move on to the fun stuff:


The room's already gray and off-white (and green, but, we'll deal with the floor another day).

Soft linen, aged wood...


Gray/cream, warm and touchable wood.

I love the mirror, too.


Nom nom nom.


These blue shutters kill me.

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  1. Oh I all those faded old things. Me too love the blue shutters.


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