07 June 2011


I've told you how I'm spending this year trying to fix up the lawn in my backyard.  Last time we visited it, I had just fenced off a section of yard, leveled it, put down fresh soil and compost, and a metric ass-ton of seed, and it looked like this:


About two weeks ago, I gave up on the seed--it had never come up at all--and decided to get a few pieces of sod at a time and try that way.  The sod tried to die on me, but then started coming back;  and around that same time, all the grass seed started sprouting! Hooray!

Funny; if I hadn't bought sod and then nearly killed it, this whole quarter of the yard would be FULL of soft, green, fluffy grass right now, and I could move on to the next section.  Whoops!  It doesn't look like it in the picture, but the sod is actually doing quite well, and the whole area should be all green and fluffy in another week or week-and-a-half.  (A friend of mine who saw my yard recently asked, "Hey, when did you plant the squares of dead grass?"  LOL).


P.S. - I'm about to take my yearly camping trip, so I'll be gone for the next 7 days!  See you with pics when I get back. :)


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