23 June 2011

More Lamps And A...?

As promised, I worked on TWO whole things last night.

A whiskey glass full of warm silver paint.
(6:1 silver, soft gold).

 Some stuff being primed:

1.  That standing lamp from the bedroom I told you about, which is going to end up in the living room (see, I worked on the living room like I said I would).

2.  Gee, what's that other thing, Laura?

More on both of these projects after the weekend, which is the next chance I'll have to work on them.



  1. That looks just like the lamp I gave you...why didn't I think to paint it? LOL

  2. You gave me a lamp?? Kress brought like three of them with him when he moved in; this was one of his. Did you give me one, too? I don't remember that, but then, I don't remember my name some days, so. *shrug*

  3. I had two of them, one went to the GW and I thought I gave one to you. Did it have a glass shade on it?

  4. Nope. I don't think you gave that to me. Of the three I have now, one was mine from aeons ago and two were Kress' (I salvaged parts from his third lamp and chunked the rest, since it was horribly damaged and filthy (long story).

  5. Hmm..coulda sworn you took it last year when I gave you the tables, and stuff...no biggie. It just made me think that I should oughta look more closely at things to "reinvent" them...but then I never would and I have way too much clutter as it is.

  6. Nope. Maybe you had it in the van at the same time you had the tables in there?


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