15 June 2011

Wildebeests: The Minicouch From Beyond the Curb (Part I)

Hey, remember this guy?

free Ikea minicouch!

Oh, yeah, by the way, I'm back from vacation.  It kinda sucked, actually.  MOVING ON...


So, Homecouch had a bit of an issue with the right arm being...flaccid?   Hollow! No padding?!  I mean, how does that happen when there's no tear in the fabric for the stuffing to come out of?  WHERE DID THE STUFFING GO??


I cut the stitching on the seam of the cover and peeled it back to reveal a gaping chasm rimmed with shattered bits of MDF and hardboard...

And this, waaaaay at the bottom.

The slab of MDF nailed to the hardboard frame had split and fallen down inside the arm.  Given the tiny footprints on the seat of this thing, I suspect someone was walking or jumping on it and broke through.

All I had to do was fit the broken piece back into place and secure it with glue and some heavy-duty staples.  Once it was solid, I tucked the foam and batting back over the arm where it belonged, and sewed the seam back up:  

Yes, the stitching shows.  No, it's not the same kind of stitch on the rest of the couch.  Nor do I care, since this will be covered when it's done anyway.

But for now:  functional minicouch arm! 

I also started cleaning it this week.  Surface stuff, so far;  later this week the upholstery actually needs to be scrubbed and brushed.  After that, I'll add a wooden base and some feet, to raise it off the ground, and then make an awesome cover for it.



  1. So, like...where ya gonna put this one?

  2. I just posted about that today. :)


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