22 June 2011

Tale of a Lamptybeast

So, once upon a time, there was this lamp...

When Daisy was a puppy, she chewed through the cord.  While the lamp was ON. 

Little bugger was lucky she didn't fry right then and there. Facepalm.

 So, last night I fixed it!   I had a set of spare lamp guts in a box in the garage - all I had to do was remove the cord from this little lamp and replace it with the cord from the box.  Yay!

This is the shade I made for it a million years ago.  It makes a really nifty blue glow at night when it's the only lamp on, but I never liked the shape of it:  it doesn't balance the base at ALL.  Plus the fabric's gotten all pulled out of place over the years, and I REALLY didn't feel like taking it off and re-arranging all the pleats.

This was much better, but it needs work.  I have no idea where this thing even came from, it's been bouncing around in my stuff for so long.  It was boring.  And a bit grubby.  So I brushed it clean.

And then I did this!  :D   My friend Nadia has this gorgeous lamp in her living room, which she decoupaged with some ink drawings on rice paper, and I've wanted to do something like that ever since I first saw it.  Hers is covered with Buddhas and lotuses and things, but I wanted mine to be more henna-esque.  I sketched out the basic shapes of everything onto the shade very lightly with a pencil, and freehanded the rest with...*drumroll*...a brown dry-erase marker that I swiped from work.  (Don't worry, I brought it back this morning!  And yes, the marker will probably fade from the light and the heat from the bulb - I think it might just look pretty cool. And if it doesn't, it's not like I can't just re-do the lines with something else).

It lives in my bedroom now. Um...ignore the phone charger.  Oops. 0:)   It also replaced the standing floor lamp that was by the bedside, so that I can give that a makeover, too, and use it in my living room.  Stay tuned. :) 


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