26 June 2013

Bob: Repairs & Updates

This is Bob:

Before & After

They're both Bob, actually.  Bob 1 and Bob 2.  You know how you have to have a name or something for a project when you're planning it out, or making lists of projects?

The shelf on the left got to be Bob the first time I fixed it up.  My father built it when I was like a year old (his name wasn't Bob), and eventually it got pretty rickety, and the style was weird - strange peaks jutting out from the top, and an angled crossbar from top to bottom across the back.  I took it apart and rebuilt it, and fixed up the stain job, back in...2006? 2005?  I don't remember.

A couple of years later I thought it would be pretty cool if I had a pair of them, so I built another one: Bob 2.

Bob 2 was getting a bit wobbledy recently, too (an accident last time I moved it stripped out some of the nails/screws on the bottom), so last night I took them both out to the garage, cleaned them up, painted just the front edges black, and then painted some fake gold "campaign furniture" hardware on the front at the joints.   I really love the way they came out!

It's subtle, but it's that little touch that these shelves really needed.

And this very small makeover was exactly what I needed this week,.  Kress is moving into his own place this week, and you know how moving can be.

Especially if you're as OCD about packing and stacking as I am, and you're not in charge of the packing and stacking, and are basically sitting still while moving is happening all around you, hehe.
                         ZOMG CHAOS.  

So anyway: shelf makeover! Ta-da!

That's Joe, my Gretsch 5125, in the corner.  I'm fostering it for a friend.  I'm going to have to get myself a practice amp so I can keep playing it after Kress moves all his PA stuff out.  

P.S. - I painted that desk lamp again, too.  Turns out I hated the way I did it the other week, after the first day.  This is boring, but at least it goes with my stuff.


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  2. OOhh...spam. Time for a dead mackerel. I had to laugh about "You know how you have to have a name or something for a project when you're planning it out, or making lists of projects?" and wanted to add "..like you do." I dun name my projects, but I do name hand-me-down furniture I get and refer to it by that ever after. So there's the Dora Desk the Big Dot (grandmother)bookcase (which she actually made herself), and asshole's brother table, among others.

  3. The fish is in the mail, as it were.

    You know, I don't normally name my projects with people names; normally it's something like "the GIANT FREAKING CABINET" or "Nan's green table" or something. But I didn't want to name this first shelf after my dad, even though he built it, so I decided..fuck it. It's name is BOB.


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