22 February 2011

5 Things I Didn't Think I'd Like But Totally Do

1.  Visible media on open shelving:  no!  You must HIDE your dvds! Or else!  Except...not so much.  I'm finding I really, really love this in my living room:

like a home library, but you don't have to read anything ;)

2.  Open cabinets in the kitchen.  But...it'd have to look nice all the time, and then where would I keep all my STUFF?   Turns out, I didn't actually need all that STUFF.  I love the way the cabinets look - opening them up and painting the innards light blue-gray took some of the weight out of them, so they feel less looming; plus the openness forces me to keep the cabinets clean!


3.  Gray walls...I mean, really, HOW boring.   Until I painted my craft room gray a couple of years ago, just to paint it something (wanna know a secret? That gray was a mixing mistake)...and fell in love with it so much that last year I painted the entire Known World gray (kitchen, dining, living room, hallways).  It's restful, relaxing, neutral without being blah or too pale, and really makes my treasured teals and greens pop.  It's like a quiet, rainy afternoon in my house all the time. <3

 4.  Piles of stuff:  believe it or not, when I first really got into decorating, I was totally into anything minimalist, especially asian/"zen" design.  I know, right?  You wouldn't know it, looking at my house now.  I suppose it may have been a reaction to my mother's houseful of fluffy pink Victoriana, hehe.  And I tried for years to exclude all things "clutter" from my living spaces, until I embraced the idea that "clutter" doesn't have to be, if it's stuff that's meaningful, fulfilling to the soul and senses to look upon.  Yay, beautiful things that I love...on every available surface, LOL:

oooh shinyyyy

5.  A haphazard riot of colors.  My bedroom started out monochromatic, and I loved it, but on a whim, three years ago, I decided to try just throwing a bunch of stuff together...and it turns out, I absolutely love it.  It's not exactly a "riot", since most of the colors are dark or at least muted...but I love it, all the same. :)

more bedroom stuff coming up the next 2 weeks!


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