03 February 2011

Oh, F....

Hey, you know what's awesome about waking up at 6am to find that your pipes are frozen and you have no running water in your house?  NOTHING!

It's supposed to thaw out enough by tomorrow afternoon for the pipes to flow again; I get to find out then if the pipes are broken and will need to be repaired, or just simply frozen and will start running just fine when it warms up over the weekend.

So: FUN!  This just doesn't happen in central Texas, and while I'm not at a complete loss as to how to handle this (thanks to an entire internet full of friends in North Places and some great advice), I am still freaking just a little bit.  I'm a planner.  I plan things.  I schedule things.  Not knowing how this ends is pretty much killing me.

Please excuse Laura from the blogosphere for a few days, she's come down with a case of FAIL.



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