04 February 2011

H2O In All Its Glory

H2OMG!  My water's running!  My pipes thawed out and there's no sign of a break.  I took a shower!  I washed dishes!  I re-insulated all the exposed pipes, checked all the cleanouts and shutoff valves in the ground outside, de-iced the filter cleanout, and re-wrapped all the exposed faucets.  And I "shoveled" the driveway (with a carpet scraper).  And then I fell down on it*.


"Wtf?"                     "Idk."

IT SNOWED FRIDAY NIGHT!   O_O   For those of you not from 'round these parts, this here is central Texas:  it doesn't do that! Okay, well, maybe for like five minutes every four years.  How cool is this?

the Mulberry Tree in the backyard

Me in the backyard (and Shelly)

And Kress in the backyard.


A little garden Buddha-face a friend made for me :)

My neighbor's kids made angels in my driveway.

This is just weird.

* I'm fine.  Actually, it was kinda hilarious.  Is it just me, or does the ground get farther away the older you get?  Oy. 


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