24 February 2011

Bedroom: A History

Once upon a time...

 2008, post-divorce, big empty house with almost no furniture! OHNOES! I slept for months on this inflatable camping mattress. I sewed some curtains into a little canopy hanging from the ceiling.  You can't see it well in this shot, but the "headboard" is a slab of plywood with a sarong draped over it. Awww. Memories and stuff.

 Finally, early in 2009, I bought myself a real mattress from Ikea (which I drove home strapped to the top of my little Honda CRV...for thirty miles...going 40mph in the slow lane with my flashers on the whole way, terrified that it was going to fall off and kill someone). 

I built this 2x4 platform to go underneath it, and stapled pretty blue fabric around it to hide the frame.

A few months later, I took the platform apart, bought some more lumber, and built a REAL bed!

<-- see how clean my garage was back then?

 And painted the bedroom blue, and bought myself some new sheets and a new comforter, and a used box spring from Craigslist:  voila!  A BIG BLUE ROOM.  Monochromatic and soothing as all heck.  Love!

And while I did love the Superblue, I found myself craving something darker, more layered, and a touch exotic. A die-hard Firefly fan, I was inspired by Inara's chambers at the Companion Training House as seen in the movie Serenity...and everything got all weird.
Me likey.

 This is the current incarnation:  slightly paler- and greener-blue on the walls (same color as the laundry room), wooden jali from World Market (a birthday gift from Kress!), and the same light blue comforter, which I use in the Spring (the darker one in the pic above is heavier, hence: bedroom Winter-wear).

And so is this: curtains now forming a bit of a canopy over the head of the bed instead of surrounding it entirely, art wall off to the side filled with naked women, Sacred Lovers, and music. 

Off to the left, the sheers on the windows are a deep magenta (thank you once again, Ikea), and there's a large variegated Ficus tree between the window and the bed (thank you, Racu!) 

But what's next?

I'm glad you asked!  My queen-sized mattress just doesn't cut it anymore, with two humans (one of whom is over 6' tall) and any number of cats sleeping on the bed with us.  Bigger bed omg!  Plus...props to Ikea for making me a mattress that lasted for over three years...but, unfortunately,  that's about as much as it had in it.  So the old SULTAN HAMNO (no longer available) gets cleaned and relegated to the nascent guest room, and...

Stay tuned!  Dun-dun-DUNNNN!  :)



  1. Cool, Terwit has a new pot! She looks pretty. And you're welcome :) As you already know, I love your bedroom. I'd come and stay there a lot...but...awkward.

  2. Terwit is the tree? I had no idea she had a name. :)


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