01 February 2011

January In Review

Remember that "month in review" thing I was going to start doing, so that I can keep track of myself?  Yeah, I forgot, too.  But since the first month of 2011 is over [already!], I figured it'd be a good time to start. 

January In Review:
  • Painted my back door
  • lots and lots of costume sewing
  • Spray-painted one of the mini-blinds in my living room;  came out so well that I plan to do the rest of them as soon as I can find the time
  • Sewed a couple of quick throw pillows from a $5 drapery remnant
  • Started a new project list-book to keep in my purse
  • Working on plans to re-do my craft room + music/guest room + guest bath
  • Started throwing together a drop-cover to turn a cooler into a cushioned ottoman; pics when I'm finished!



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