20 December 2011

Ikea Alphabet Game

Go to Ikea's website. Type a letter in the search bar, and then a second, if necessary, and explore the first Swedish product name that comes up in the search.

This is Ikea's BRADA laptop support, for $2.49.  I don't have a laptop, but I bet it'd make a nice lap-top support for an art pad - especially since I've recently started experimenting with calligraphy, and with painting Very Small Pictures.  Looks like the lip on the front of it might be tall enough to cut into my wrist, though.

This post brought to you by Ikea, and their dearth of laminate flooring solutions on the website; and by my total lack of posts lately.  I swear I have a shelf drying the garage that I can post about just ANY day now...



  1. I have one of those I'm not using...you can have it.

  2. Keep in mind, it does have an embossed pattern on the surface of it, so you'd have to use a board or sketchbook.

  3. Heh. I appreciate that, but I was pretty much just feeling bored and sarcastic when I wrote this last night. I actually do have a slanted art clipboard thing with storage inside I should be using, instead of keeping it in a box somewhere. :o)

  4. Speaking of crap I have that I'm not using, I think I'm gonna hit my craft room HARD this weekend, and then have a big craft supplies giveaway sometime soon if I have enough to bother with.

  5. I need to do that, too. I give a lot of stuff to William's old daycare.

  6. That's a fantastic idea! I don't have a lot in the way of craft supplies and fabric and stuff anymore, since I did a big purge of all that stuff earlier this year. I still have a bunch of folders, boxes, and odd trinkets and tchotchkes just sitting around taking up space in my craft room, though.


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