05 December 2011


Is that how that's even spelled? Does anyone really know?  Anyhoo:  TABLE RODEO this weekend!  Similar to the "Houseplant Rodeo" I do 3-4 times a year, wherein houseplants get moved around, put into new pots, trimmed, bathed, and generally spruced up and reorganized.  This time with tables!

#1  Altar + Meditation Corner
My little prayer altar got moved from the tower of cube-furniture in the bedroom, to a small wooden chowki in the "back" of my living room where my little meditation corner has been set up.

Before:  the meditation corner, with the "tower" altar next to it, before I moved the tower into the bedroom. Also before I moved the couch into its current spot. Old picture.

After: The new Meditation Corner, rotated 90º (because it functions, and is more comfy, that direction), and the new little devotional altar next to it.

I like this version a lot better.  It's simple, and quiet, and pretty. 

<-- also some new cushions. :)

Talk to you about #2 later this week...when it's finished, hehe.


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