22 December 2011

du Café

Mmm, coffee.  About a month ago, sick of the coffee maker being in the way of my cooking, and the coffee supplies and cups taking up cabinet room where I needed more mixing bowls, I moved the whole kit and caboodle* to the opposite side of the kitchen, to a corner counter that I wasn't really using...except to pile stuff on.

ok, not really. this was while I was re-doing the laundry room


coffee station!

This is more stuff from my Ikea trip this week.  That's a SNUDDA lousy susan, with a SOARE woven mat on top, just for kicks.  (Those of you who've been to Ikea with me, like, ever, know that every time I'm there I practically stick my face into the bin of these things and smell them.  I *love* the way dried banana fibers smell.  I finally broke down and bought some of them to use around the house, just because I love the scent..  The silver tray was a thrift store find many moons ago.  More coffee and extra supplies in the cabinets directly above.

My favorite part, though, is this adorbs little creamer.  The pattern is being discontinued, and so I scored this  little dude for a buck. Squee!

* Yes, I just wanted to say, "kit and caboodle."


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