29 December 2011

December In Review, and 2011 Favorites

One post to bind them all!  (Because I don't feel like doing two of these).

  • epic thrift shopping at the Goodwill Outlet/Distribution center
  • Table Rodeo, which yielded "new" nightstands, a little devotional altar in my meditation space, and a "new" end table in the living room
  • knew knobs in the guest bath, now that the cabinets are put back together
  • made an old trunk table into a shelf for my office
  • put together a wee coffee bar in my kitchen
  • opened up a can of whoopass in my craft room!  

2011:  Favorites & Major Transformations

post here

January:  replaced my metal back door with a pretty wooden one - with paint!

                           "wtf??"         "idk."
February:  it snowed!  In central Texas!  That's like the THIRD time that's ever happened!  (Not really, but it's pretty rare). 

(And actually, my pipes froze, and I didn't have any water for three days, but, no harm done, thankfully).  

March:  re-arranged the bedroom.  I still love it, though I'm ready to start tweaking some stuff.  Or, I will be, as soon as the guest room is finished. 

I also spray-painted the mini-blinds in the living room.  I spent about $15 per blind, rather than upwards of $40 each to replace them with wood.  Yay! 

June:  Until June, I was excited about sprucing up the backyard.  Then the worst drought in 100 years hit , and derailed everything for everyone. Giant trees - hell, whole forests died, between the drought and the horrible wildfires that raged through over the Summer. 

I managed to get a couple of small trees in and going strong this Fall, though, and I plan to reboot my efforts in the Spring. 

July:  Re-arranged the living room like whoa.


August:  started another blog, for my SCA stuff. :) 

October: re-did the guest bathroom  

November:  once the weather finally started cooling off, I  got busy cleaning up the yard and getting parts of it ready for the Garden-stravaganza I have planned for 2012.  

December:  just about finished re-doing my craft room.

On to 2012!!!  Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's, and a happy, fulfilling new year! 



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