08 December 2011

Table Rodeo, Part 2

When last we met my living room and it's end tables, it went a little something like this:

There's a wee one with a silver tray and a plant on it to the left of the min-couch (covered with a white blanket in this picture).  

This post is about the corner between the two couches, though, where until just the other day, there was a round, black, wicker table with a silver tray on top, next to the silver standing lamp I refinished, and a pretty painting behind it on a wooden easel. 

Here it is after ...in transition, let's say. This is the tall, antique (Victorian) plant stand that had been, until the other day, the nightstand on my side of the bed.

It's a bit tall, which I thought would be weird; but I really like it where it is.  

That tall Bird of Paradise plant is looking a little pekid these days.  Sigh. 

....I started this entry with every intention of doing MUCH more to this corner, and then I got REALLY REALLY SICK.  I haven't had the energy to do anything this week.  Next time we see this corner there'll be art on the wall (no, really!) and some more stuff happening with that table and behind the couch.

Maybe after the weekend, if I have time and can, you know, stay vertical for more than an hour at a time, hehe.


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