03 December 2011


Hey, you guys wanna see a really crappy photograph?   I thought you did.

ooh, ahh. 

That would be a nine-dollar area rug.  Yup, that's what I said:  this baby cost me a whopping $9.99 at the Goodwill outlet the other weekend.  Are you freaking shocked?  I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't not buy it.  It's practically brand-new, too. There's a bit of wear on one of the short edges, which I tucked up under the mini-couch when I put it in my living room, and that's *it*.  It's gorgeous. 

*see below


Believe it or not, I DID actually dust off the ol' real camera for this one, and took some fabulous photos.  And then I couldn't find the cord that connects it to my computer. #&!!#%@*!!!

It took about three minutes after I got the furniture in place and stopped moving things around before two dogs went to lay down on the new rug, and a cat walked over and started sharpening his claws on it.  The dogs I'm okay with, but I'm pretty sure I scared the cat so badly that he'll never go near that rug again.

For at least an hour.


* Yes, those are the same papers I taped to the wall three months ago in order to test-drive placement for some canvases I'd planned to paint and hang up there.  I still haven't done anything more on them...not even put the ones that fell down back up, which is why there are only three in the picture.  Because I'm (1) lazy and have (2) been doing other things.  
...And I still haven't covered the mini-couch aside from throwing blankets over it, because I suck. 


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